A history of Made in Italy
fine quality

Trevi-Coliseum history speaks about innovation, exploration, breaking the boundaries to bring an overall look on Italian beauty onto the global market.
Trevi-Coliseum was born in Cadore Area, nestled in the Dolomites, back in 1971 by virtue of the Valmassoi bothers. Initially focused on the production of optical frames, the company quickly established itself as one of the best known eyewear manufacturers all over the world thanks to its handicraft tradition and the excellent quality/price ratio of its products.

Year-on-year, Trevi-Coliseum has increased its commercial offer responding to different customers’ needs by introducing reading glasses, clip-on models, children frames, ready-made glasses & sunglasses. With its own brands Clark, Coliseum, Cotton Club and Trevi1971, Trevi-Coliseum is nowadays considered one of the most important companies in the Italian eyewear manufacturing field.

Trevi-Coliseum carefully studies the ever-changing fashion trends to keep up with consumers tastes and demands. Each and every collection offers a high quality Eyewear, reflecting the Made in Italy style.

"...our mission is to offer a rich, innovative collection, keeping a close eye to pre- and post-sales service."


“Here quality and beauty get together and give life to unique experiences, inspired by history and nature, art and design, passion and intellect at the same time. “

We preserve and give new life to the extraordinary craftsmanship our country developed though the years in producing optical frames and sunglasses. We’re eyewear specialists with an Italian heart: art, nature, design, beauty are our cultural heritage, an unceasing source of inspiration. We’re passionate, we’re determined innovators, while never forgetting our rich traditions.


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