Trevi Coliseum archive this 46th edition of Mido confirming his image of innovative company who is able to affirm during years his unmistakable style.
A part from well-know collections Clark and Coliseum, that last year grew +35% on international market and +25% on domestic market (Italy), this year the company is going to give more attention also to the historical brand Cotton Club. Mido 2016 has been the perfect occasion to let public savour the real inspiration’ soul that gave birth to this brand: the jazz music. The new collection is going to be launched end of May 2016. It’s a really rebranding operation that during Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th had two exceptional testimonial at Trevi Coliseum booth: Mauro Ottolini and Vanessa Tagliabue Yorke, both considered the most important and famous representatives of jazz music in Europe. They performed with normal instruments and also with something more experimental to get public’s attention.
You can follow the development of this initiative and watch the new video of Cotton Club shot exactly at Mido on web and social channels: cottonclubglasses.com and facebook.com/cottonclubglasses.

Visitors appreciated also the show room into the booth, in which you could see and try most of all frames of new collections. A good idea to entertained buyers waiting for their appointment.