Polarized sunglasses: comfort meets the perfect vision.

Summer is round the corner: time to enjoy outdoor activities among nature or hit the city centre. Whatever your life-style is, protect your eyes from the sun! Trevi-Coliseum offers a wide range of sunglasses with polarized lenses: the perfect combination between comfort and a flowless vision.


Why choosing polarized lenses?


These lenses not only filter the sun-light but they offer a series of plus granting a perfect fit, ideal for any task.


Reduced dazzling effect: They eliminate horizontal reflections on many surfaces, like water, concrete or snow. The vision is clear and comfortable and eye fatigue is reduced.


Better definition: colour contrasts are accentuated, the perception of details is more precise, ideal for driving, doing sport or simply admire a landscape.


Protecting from UV rays: like all high-quality sun lenses, polarised lenses ban all dangerous UV rays, thus taking care of eyes health.


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