“Essence” | Trevi-Coliseum’s New Advertising Campaign 2022


“Essence”, Trevi-Coliseum’s New Advertising Campaign 2022, reflects freedom and pluralism, floating between contemporary styles, yet glorifying individual personality. A full immersion in Nature with its soothing elegance, transcending mere tactile experiences and sublimating lighting effects: take a plunge in bucolic panoramas, find your great escapes!

We have the power to take the reins of our lives, go back to the real essence of our existence, embrace authenticity and surrender to a rediscovered genuine self. We’re part of a lifeblood flow running through the generations: our values, our roots, our gestures bring us back to our essence.


Trevi-Coliseum stands in favour of evergreen shapes: the Clark collection includes classic as well as urban designs, playing with soft transparent nuances and more intense colours. Trevi1971 new entries linger on vintage design: the raw material comes from eco-friendly sources, according to the company new policy on sustainability. The collections reflect the environment where the company is nestled: the charms of Nature, the beauty of simple things wake up new perspectives and open up new horizons.


Trevi-Coliseum presents “Essence”: the new advertising campaign 2022. A plunge into Nature, beauty, freedom and boldness. Be strong while still being gentle: be part of Trevi-Coliseum!