NEW HORIZONS | The New 2023 Advertising Campaign of Trevi-Coliseum

Trevi-Coliseum new 2023 Advertising Campaign invites its community to “fly away” to the edge of the urban world, creating a timeless universe in-between the sky and the sea, crawling with desire and freedom. The brand celebrates inclusiveness and sensibility, paying homage to the uniqueness of each human being and its untamed exploration spirit.


Mediterranean landscapes shaped by the ceaseless sea waves reconnect us to nature and to our true self: we’re cradled by the lapping of the water and our eyes wonder towards the horizon.


The horizon line reflects our inner self: it shifts and changes according to our way of looking at it. We are the main character of this “world watching”!


The sea it the perfect place to be if you’re looking for NEW HORIZONS: no boundaries, no limits, just open routes to our life experiences. This is the true meaning of our new campaign, where the elegance of our Italian brand reveals all its versatility and potentials. It’s a contemporary versatility: full of evergreen shapes and wide colour palette embracing all tastes: from sport and bold models up to elegant and sophisticate options. A style that, season after season, never stops enchanting us.