“The Keepers”

Trevi-Coliseum: the new advertising campaign 2021


Back to the origins, back to your roots in an intimate connection with nature: beyond the highest peaks, inside the ancient Dolomites’ forests, the new advertising campaign (“The Keepers”) takes its shape.

Trevi-Coliseum focuses on a message of freedom: this is the leitmotif of Clark and Trevi1971 collections shown in the video. The images underline the intimacy, naivety and wonder of discovering a fairy world. Floating above the noise: like a documentary, no filters, just real. Step by step, our “Keepers” become more and more aware of the values Nature conveys, embracing a new world without forgetting the roots.

2021 is a pivotal year for Trevi-Coliseum: it’s time to celebrate the company’s 50th Anniversary. “Authenticity, tradition and new perspectives are the keys of the new campaign dedicated to a comeback to nature, a return to the origins”, states the founder Mr. Renato Valmassoi. The Dolomites are well known for their inspirational atmospheres and mighty peaks, and so are the featured collections: high standards and strong identity.