Trevi 1971 Eyewear: vintage glamour!

Discover our capsule collection: a tribute paid to the past.

Made in Italy, and Made in Italy only: these are the key words we want to hear, because everything is born here, in the cradle of our laboratories, from the skilled hands of craftsmen always looking for the tantalising charm of contemporary design.

We’re proud to present the new limited collection Trevi 1971, only for men: vintage reminiscences revisited with contemporary aesthetics. Four acetate models hand-tooled to be thin and gently decorated: light but essential, impressive and distinctive accessories that emphasise the wearer’s personality and make you definitely stand out from the crowd!

The shapes recall the most iconic 70’s frames: drop, aviator, square. The material path adds a touch of grandeur and elegance: the acetate evokes the natural rock of our stunning mountains.