Trevi 1971 Eyewear: vintage glamour!

Discover our capsule collection: a tribute paid to the past. Made in Italy, and Made in Italy only: these are the key words we want to hear, because everything is born here, in the cradle of our laboratories, from the skilled hands of craftsmen always looking for the tantalising charm of contemporary design. We’re proud … Leggi tutto

Clark Kids

An important choice for the well-being of our children Keep children safe it’s a priority for each parent, and to do that, we must take important decisions every day. Choosing the right optical frame for our children is crucial: this means giving them the freedom and the protection they deserve. Children have completely different needs … Leggi tutto

Coliseum: elegance comes from simple things

The new models of Coliseum collection, always conveying a timeless charm, combine a feather-light structure with rich decoration, thus ensuring a distinctive appeal. High quality materials and innovative tooling assure the excellence of the brand: a perfect visual experience without compromise on wearing comfort. A true “must have” of the season!


Back to colours The new models of Clark collection for woman focus on colours: the acetates shine with a bright new range of colours you’ve never seen before. The shapes are simple, yet ensuring lightness and flexibility for a superior wearing comfort. Easy to wear, these models are dedicated to women who want to express … Leggi tutto