TREVI 1971 – ECO

The “green spirit” capsule collection


Optical frames with a hint of vintage: a range of feminine soft shapes comes up besides squared, light masculine shapes.  Trevi 1971 – ECO logo identifies the company roots: Trevi-Coliseum is nestled in the Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage Site, and it underlines the importance given to the preservation of this stunning environment
Staying true to Trevi-Coliseum commitment to sustainability, this new collection features both handcraft and ecology. Entirely manufactured in Trevi-Coliseum’s laboratory, following the most advanced techniques and respecting the environment, this collection offers high quality Made in Italy handcrafts.

These frames need an accurate manufacturing which requires a dedicated laboratory: M49 acetate is stored in a convenient warehouse and each and every production process (tumbling, cutting, assembling…) is done separately so as to preserve the material from any possible contamination. This process confers an excellent finishing and polishing and prevent intruding pollution agents to stick on the frame, like operating in a clean room.

The finishing is totally handmade and it confers prestigious and unique details to every single piece of the collection: live in wonder!




M49 the excellence of bio-based acetate


M49 is a eco-friendly biodegradable acetate. It consists of cellulose acetate (derived from wood) and citric acid-based plastifier (obtained from starch and ethanol fermentation). Moreover, the cellulose acetate comes from certified woods according to the guidelines of the FSC- Forest Stewardship Council.