The new Trevi Coliseum advertising campaign 2024


Trevi Coliseum presents its new 2024 campaign, “Wildest Dream”, a timeless kingdom where magic and reality are dancing in an endless embrace.


There is a place where the boundary between reality and fantasy dissolves, where unknown and familiar elements merge and we can travel through time and space to explore distant and unknown places.
This place is our imagination: a dreamy world created in our minds.

The beauty of this dream lies in its fluidity, which has no limits. It is a place that offers us the freedom to explore ourselves and the world around us, rediscovering the beauty around us, and above all, our emotions in ways we never thought possible.


Trevi Coliseum with the expertise acquired in the field of eyewear, comes in an elegant and always accessible format, to create a collection that revisits the stylistic features of its brands with versatile frames and refined details. New shapes emerge in a myriad of distinct colors in the new collection that tries to convey freshness and elegance, enhancing the style between strong lines and sinuous profiles.
Trevi Coliseum expresses its dynamic character through a timeless design, which is constantly renewed to offer uniqueness to every single creation. The silhouettes of the frames become a dialogue with contemporaneity, a continuous process of research and attention to every single detail.